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Sunday, May 06, 2007


For 6 days
Places:Kaili,Nanhua village,Taijiang,Zhenyuan,"Faifa","Hongfang"
Group:childe Yang,Mrs Taijie,Lindeng Brain,kengkeng

the only thing people can smell is Money.
but for me its smelly and i dont enjoy it.
the only thing beautiful that i found were these few colorful mops

the antique market
contrast of the present and the past

the super market
---the pacific biscuit of Brain

i blamed my idiotic camera
it coudln't took these fineries more clear

Nanhua Village

a damn cutie

we climb in a bonsai

the trucks was driving to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN ROAD

So long!
Childe Yang
it was 27th April,the train station of Huaihua

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Tim said...

these guizhou pictures are too good