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Monday, March 22, 2010


Party/Private View - 18.00 to 23.00 18th March 

Exhibition 18-21st March

10 Gales 
Arch 10 Gales Gardens
Bethnal Green
E2 0EJ

Music by Sobameshi & Porno (Yuki and Kohhei from Bo Ningen)
Monica Yam
DJ Tata Fernandez

Art by

Christian Alegria - Christian graduated with an MA in Photography from the London College of Communications and has exhibited in a number of different galleries both in London and abroad. Christian’s fashion work has been published in art-fashion magazines such as Slashstroke

Sara Bro-Jorgensen: Sara is studying for a Masters in
Womenswear/Knitwear at the Royal college of Art. Prior to coming to London, Sara spent a year in Paris interning for Adam Jones, followed by a project in Berlin at Boessert-Schorn.
With a background in photography, Sara is influenced by 2d images and often manipulates photos to use as the basis for patterns in her clothing design.

Black and white photography is reflected in the multiple tonal qualities of her knitted pieces and the fabrics that go from heavy black hand knit to fine sheer silk tulle.

Chafik Cheriet –Born in Burgundy,France Chafik Cheriet lives and works in London and is graduate of Studio Berçot, Paris. He has worked for Christian Lacroix, Lucien pellat-Finet and Vivienne westwood.
He is greatly influenced by such as Fassbinder, Dulac and Noé. Along with Duchamp, Sherman, Murakami and Yinka shonibare.
Chafik Cheriet works across media and genres where his main interest lies with objects and tools being taken out of their familiar contexts. Whilst striving for the result to be a naive yet complex way of implying marriage between fashion and art. 
Kate Cox – Combines fashion and portraiture with a subtle autobiographical narrative element, often inspired and based around the locations featured in the pictures. Coming from a Fine art background there is a link to figurative painting and a cinematic element to Kate’s work.

Cherry Hurren – Cherry is a textile artist and fashion illustrator and has a background in fashion promotion and imaging. Her signature fashion Cherry Dolls have been exhibited in Harvey Nichols and in the Graduate Fashion Week in Earl’s Court in 2009

Jack Furnival – Jack is a self-taught artist from Scotland. His interests lie in nudity and voyeurism. He is particularly inspired by people who expose their naked bodies and perform explicit acts on the adult [social-networking] websites. He believes that these people/headless bodies are incredibly vulnerable to self-adoration, attention and entertainment, and is truly fascinated by the plethora of positions people like to display themselves
or convey their personalities

Louise Langkilde Larsen – A Danish native, Louise graduated with a MA in Womenswear at the Royal College of Art in 2009. She had done work experience with Costume National in Milan and Richard Nicoll in London. She is influenced by the narrative and playful fashion scene and her work captures an elegance that is colourful and feminine. Her graduate collection was selected by as one of the 21 best graduate collections 2009,
number 7

Tian Wang – A fashion designer currently working and living in London. Founder of the eponymous fashion and accessories brand, she works in a wide variety of medium from textile to Womenswear. Graduate of the London College of Fashion, Tian has received an award for Outstanding Achievement.

Momocreatura (Momoko Tamura) – Momoko studied fine arts and jewellery making in Japan and graduated with a MA in Jewellery Design at Central St. Martins in 2009. She was selected by Janice Blackburn to display her unique pieces in the `Small Show, Huge Talent’ exhibition at Sotheby’s in London and currently showing her work in an exhibition at Selfridges until 7th of March 2010; 'Museum of Small Things' organised by POCKO and Kit Grover.

Momoko is inspired by fairy tales, folk tales, and ancient mythologies. She combines her Japanese aesthetic and European culture to create her uncany fantasy world.
Katrina Choy:

Katrina is a self-taught filmmaker based in London. Here interests lie in the metaphysical and surrealist style of art. Her inspirations include Leger, Miro, De Chirico, Mara Mattuschka and Jan Svankmajer.

Keng Keng Watt: 

Keng Keng presently lives and works in London is preparing her first see-see-animal collection around themes of nature and animals.In China Keng Keng worked as a fashion designer, stylist and street fashion blogger before she came to Britain a year and a half ago.In London, she has worked with various designers - Shona Heath, Donna Wilson, Hector Castro, a leather accessory studio, forget-me-not scarf studio. And she has been an assistant on various fashion shoots for Pop magazine, and 10 magazine. She has made hats for photoshoots and private parties.Keng Keng comes from Kunming, ‘Spring City,’ in Southwest China. She studied fashion design at Beijing College of Fashion.

curated by Sarah Michelle

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

See-See-"Animal Crown"

2009-2010 Winter Collection


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


-“Forget me not. ”  -“请不要忘记我。” 丝巾精灵告诉Coco

从那时起Coco开始设计自己品牌的丝巾, 为那些精灵们在丝巾里建造了许多美幻的小屋,   她们所赋予的魔力令每一个拥有丝巾的女孩总不会忘记系于胸前。

“Forget me not”品牌是一系列由数码艺术设计图印刷而成120cm x 120cm超大号真丝方巾和头巾,这是设计师 Coco作为插画师的艺术创作延伸,所有的设计组成元素都是由她个人手绘完成。 产品在欧洲制作并通过网络和遍布世界各地的商店进行销售

今年的秋冬系列-魔法森林涂抹着更奇幻的色彩以突出Coco特有的个人创作 :动物图腾、 神秘的星际空间、魔幻几何图形以及那些守护丝巾魔力的精灵 。基于“Forget me not”一贯的灵感来源,从广阔多元的空间并围绕着Coco自身特殊的视觉宇宙而成, 包括拼贴的现代与前卫、超现实主义、迷人的蒙太奇。Coco 生活于巴黎和伦敦两个城市之间,不同的城市和风景令她的创作轻松自在,她乐于结合多种技术组合设计,既兼顾了节制而简约的视觉效果也平衡了主流与非主流文化的融汇。

魔法森林” 这一季的丝巾和发带正在10个国家的名品店 销售 例如Barneys, Colette, HP France and Lane Crawford ,同时  官方网站上也可以直接购买。